Remove Shortcut Virus: One of the most Common Question among the computer users is How to Remove Shortcut Virus? And they are struggling with this shortcut virus over and over. I think every one of us faced shortcut virus on our devices and struggled to remove it, when it first appear there is no problem but after some time it may be worse.

Users are looking for the solution to solve this Shortcut virus in their PC/Computer or in any external devices like External HDD and pen drives. But they are unable to find any solution for this virus, So here we are going to discuss what is this Shortcut virus, what it does to out Pc/laptop and how we can get rid of this from our device.


What is a Shortcut Virus And What it Does to Our PC ?

There is no definition or abbreviation for this word “Shortcut Virus” as the name indicates that this is a virus program or in other words it can say malware or Trojan which will disinfect your device.

Shortcut virus will affect your files by hiding the original data or original files in shortcut. After it effecting the files the file name will be unknown and the files or in the drive itself.  In the beginning stage I mean when it first appear on your device it won’t harm much to your device but in later stage it will affect and corrupt your files.

In this stage you may lose your Valuable files. If you insert any disinfected device to your PC then there is a chance that you may face the problem too.

So be cautious while using your buddy’s devices like pen drives, memory cards or HDD. You have to check and scan the devices with the help of best Antivirus before opening the device.

In Some cases some antivirus will not detect the shortcut virus and they will affect your PC, So use Updated and Full Version Antivirus Software’s.

From Where this Shortcut Virus Came in My PC?


Did you got a question like from where this shortcut virus came to your PC/Computer or any other device in your life time? The answer for this question is as simple as that.

There may be some things which you did to your devices like following things

  1. You Connected Your external device to your buddies PC which already have the shortcut virus. From that PC if you transfer any data or copy any files then there is a chance that the shortcut virus also spread to your device.
  2. Or You connected your buddies  disinfected device to your PC then also there is a chance of spreading virus to your PC.
  3. Finally you didn’t connected any device then there is a chance that it may came from Web. I mean You downloaded any .exe file( Software) from third-party Pirated websites then there is a chance that virus may came from that file.

Shortcut Virus Types:

Short virus is mainly classified as 3 types they are as follows,

  1. File Shortcut Virus.
  2. Folder Shortcut Virus, and
  3. Drive Shortcut Virus.

We can discuss some brief information about all this 3 types of short viruses below. From this you can get an idea of what virus problem you are facing.

File Shortcut Virus:

File Shortcut Virus

File Shortcut Virus

The name indicates that this type of virus will effect on a program file, like Microsoft documents. Along with  this files it also effects on .exe files and you are able to see all documents shortcuts on the screen. If you execute any program the virus will rapidly multiplexing and the virus will spread to your computer.

Folder Shortcut Virus:

Shortcut Virus in Folders

Shortcut Virus in Folders

This type of virus is same as File shortcut virus but here the shortcut icon displayed with folders. If this virus came in your PC it will damage the content in the folder and this virus also spread to all folders in PC rapidly.

Drive Shortcut Virus:

drive shortcut Virus

Drive shortcut Virus

The last type of shortcut virus is Drive shortcut virus,  this type of virus is different with other two types. Like other two types this shortcut virus creates shortcut for entire drives, here not only the drives but also a memory card, Cd drive and external HDD included. This is purely Malware and its Trojan, it will rapidly spreading across  your drives and it will spy on your PC to steal some valuable information or any passwords.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus From PC/Laptop/pen drive?

Now you have knowledge about what is shortcut virus and how it harm your Pc, Now lets discuss some prevention tips to do not see this virus in your PC.

How to Remove Shortcut virus

How to Remove Shortcut virus

I already told you previously that all the Antiviruses will not remove the shortcut virus. So you have to remember some prevention techniques.

  • Firstly you have to disable the auto play on removable devices. I mean don’t open your external device with autorun.
  • Second don’t open your external drives with double clicking on it and open. But open it as right click and select Explorer. If you open it directly then it will run the virus program and it will spread in your PC.

Make an habit  of this two techniques for preventing the virus from your PC. After all this techniques maintain and then also you have the virus problem then Following are the Methods to Remove Shortcut Virus From PC.

Four Methods and techniques are there to Remove Shortcut Virus from your PC, You may choose which best suits for You. And they are,

Remove Shortcut Virus with the help of CMD:

If the shortcut viruses came in your PC it is difficult to use. And the viruses are difficult to remove, it may damage our files and file system and create the shortcuts of your files.

Now we can use CMD to remove virus, CMD stands for Command Prompt  and it is a command line interpreter program for windows. It takes commands from you after executing those commands it will give output to you.

Steps to Remove Shortcut Virus with the help of CMD:

remove Shortcut virus

CMD to Remove shortcut virus

  1. Connect your Infected USB Device to Your PC
  2. Open Command Prompt(CMD) by following( Start Menu->Run and typme CMD in that and hit Enter. Now CMD opened with a black screen.
  3. Type attrib -h -r -s /s /de:*.*  in CMD.
  4. After writing this command hit enter.

Check Some more clear explanation for Remove shortcut virus using CMD.

Remove shortcut virus using Trojorm  Removal Tool & Shortcut virus fix folder:

By using Trojorm shortcut virus removal tool also you can easily remove virus from your infected device. From the Following Download links You can Easily Download the shortcut virus removal tool.

Trojorm Removal Tool

After Successful Downloading this trojorm removal tool you need to follow some step by step procedure, These both tools are kept in zip file. So use Winrar or any zip extractor to extract the file from the zip file.

Copy the trojorm removal tool to infected device and now run the tool inside the device, wait until the the complete scanning process to finish. And after this copy the shortcut virus fix folder in your USB device.

After that open it by clicking right-click on it and open with notepad, in notepad find letter “H“, here you have to change your particular drive (for ex: G,H,I,J etc) check below image for this,

After changing your drive letter editing is done now save file and close it.

Now open the VBS file (fixfolder) by right click on it and select open with and then open it with Windows Based Script Host.

After successfully running this script the shortcut virus must be removed and your files and the device is clean now.

Using WinRAR To get Original File

Again You see virus shortcuts after trying with the CMD Method Now you have to try with WinRAR to get your Original files without any damage.

Basically WinRAR act like a Zip and it doesn’t  execute malware or Trojans. So with the help of WinRAR you can able get back your original files.

Here you have to understand that the shortcut folders are still in the drive but you take your data without any loss.

remove shortcut virus

Winrar to Remove shortcut virus

Steps to Remove Shortcut Virus with the help of WinRAR:

    • First Open WinRAR in your Computer.
  • Now in the WinRAR screen select your infected drive, and from this screen you are able to see all your original files.
  • Make an Archive of all your files by following this (Select all Your Files->Rightclick-> Add Files to Archive->Choose any name.)
  • Now go to your My computer screen Open your infected device or infected drive and move the archived file and place the file in a safe zone in your PC.
  • Again in My computer screen right click on infected drive and click on Format, and select Quick Format.
  • By this step you deleted all the contents in the drive including shortcut virus.
  • Now to get the original files just need to extract files from the Archived file which you created before.

Remove Shortcut Virus Using Antivirus

You can also remove shortcut virus with the help of antiviruses. There are so many antiviruses out there to help you with this problem. Just select some best antivirus and that antivirus must be registered and updated.

Remove Shortcut virus with Antivirus

Remove Shortcut virus with Antivirus

Just scan your infected drive by right clicking on your drive on My computer screen. After scanning completed the Antivirus you are using showing the results as infected files and their number. You just need to select keep files and remove virus.

Shortcut Virus Remover

The shortcut virus remover is an application which will run in the task manger process and it will help you to clean your PC from the infected shortcut viruses.

Remove Shortcut Virus

Remove Shortcut Virus

Remove Shortcut Virus by adjusting Registry files:

Adjusting registry files to remove shortcut virus is one of the simplest and easiest method. In this method You don’t need to Download any types of third party software’s or files.

Before using this registry editing Method You have to know to what you are doing and where you are editing if any mistakes done then it may cause damage to your PC, So be conscious what you are doing.

To Try this method for removing shortcut virus Follow these steps.

  • Open Task manager in your PC by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Or you may also open task manager by right clicking on task bar and then select Open Task Manager.
  • After Opening Task Manager You may see some tabs on top select Process tab and find wscript.exe by scrolling down. And after finding it click on it and select End Process in Task Manager.
  • Now Open Run by pressing Windows+R and then type regedit, and press Enter. This Will open Registry settings.
  • In The Left Panel Navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run.
  • Find registry key odwcamszas, after finding it right click on it and delete it.

If Your computer Infected highly then the registry key may not found so for those type of users this method wont work so just skip this method and try other one.

Above all are some methods to remove shortcut virus from PC, And there are some other methods and techniques out there to remove viruses from PC/Laptop or external devices, In Future I would love to explain them in this blog.

Hope these methods helped you to remove the shortcut virus I Once again warning you Prevention is better than cure so maintain the prevention steps to get away from this shortcut virus.

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