AVAST Antivirus to remove shortcut virus

Avast is previously called as Alwil Software which is a private limited company. Avast proprietor is Pavel Baudis, Eduard Kucera which is having headquarters in prague, Czech Republic.

Vincent Steckier is representing as CEO for Avast.  Avast gives security softwares for diffent users like Andriod, Microsoft Windows and IOS.

Avast antivirus

Avast antivirus is very propular and blocks malwares and shortcut viruses form external devices and provide security to our devices. Avast gives protection against virus that uses internet,  there is a change of getting virus to our device across web.

Wwhen you install avast it takes care of your device and protects your device from virus and blocks the miscellaneous urls.

Avast is having in diffent versions that for free version and paid version. Avast gives free one year subscription for the free users.

A user can use the Avast antivirus for one year for that a user can simple register with Avast product the Avast will send you the link of free subscription link by clicking on that link a user can redirected to the downloading site from hear the user can download the Avast Software for malware protection.

Avast antivirus

Avast is available for mobile version and for desktop version. For android users avast app is available in the market in Google’s playstore.  Avast antivirus gives protection from harmful virus and not allows the virus to our devices it blocks the files that are containing the harmful viruses.

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