Remove Shortcut virus using Command Prompt (CMD)

Shortcut viruses are one of the most dangerous and common problems faced by so many computer users. These Shortcut viruses once effected to PC then it is difficult to remove shortcut virus from Your PC.

This Shortcut virus may inject into any of the files and spread across PC’s file system and creates shortcuts for the original files.

To remove shortcut virus permanently from PC or any external USB device’s it is always good to try so many various methods .

One of the Most Popular method to remove shortcut virus is: Remove shortcut Virus using Command Prompt (CMD).

CMD is known ad Command prompt which is a command line interpreter for windows. CMD takes command, compile the command  and executes and give us the exact result.

Here to remove shortcut virus CMD is helpful to to detect and to remove shortcut virus. YOu can check following step by step procedure to remove shortcut virus using CMD.

Steps to Remove shortcut virus with the help of CMD:

  • Plug the infected USB device to your PC.
  • Navigate to Start Menu->Run,  type CMD and Hit enter.
  • Now simply Copy and paste the below Code in the CMD.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:*.*

Check The below Screen shot to check the Code
remove Shortcut virus with CMD

Code Explanation:

  • Attrib stands for attribute.
  • H is to unhide all the files on USB Flash Drive which were hidden as shortcuts due to the virus effect.
  • R is to create the files in your USB Drive. It helps to recreate the shortcut files retrieving the original contents
  • S helps to do all the file on your USB drive not to be the part of system again.
  • G is the Actual USB Drive’s Letter (in your case it may be different it is pen drive or USB external device letter)

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