Remove Shortcut virus with the help of USBFix

Shortcut virus is one of the common virus effect which we all experienced at least one time in our life time. We can recognize this Shortcut virus by finding shortcuts of original files in the device.


In the starting phase it may not cause any big damage but after some time goes it spread across the entire file system and creates shortcuts for all the files in Your PC.

Due to this You may loose your original file contents or the files may be corrupted. These shortcut viruses may transfer From one PC to other PC through the infected USB devices.

Basically there are  three categories of shortcut virus file, folder and drive shortcut viruses. Each type creates corresponding shortcuts and may cause damage to our device.

So many various kind of methods and techniques available to remove shortcut virus from PC or any external devices. From those techniques UsbFix is an popular and trusted tool to remove shortcut virus.

Remove Shortcut Virus using UsbFix:


UsbFix is an excellent malware or virus removal tool, which helps to detect and remove shortcut virus from any device.

UsbFix is able to scan any external devices like Pen drives, External HDD’s, Smartphones, Cameras and all other USB devices. UsbFix is an plug and play software.

This is the most trusted tool to remove shortcut virus so the downloads of this tool reached 5 millions. And using this tool is very easy and simple the UI of this tool is user friendly.

And the size of the tool is approximately 4MB which is little bit small and easily downloaded. Click below link to download Usbfix.

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  • Vaccinate: This feature creates an autorun.inf file which is able to handle the auto-starting of the drive.
  • Repair: This feature is to repair the damaged files and used to get back the original contents of the files.
  • Back-Up: It is possible to back-up your files before running the USB Fix which are helpful if any thing goes wrong.

New 2016 Added Features:

  • Search : This Feature is able check for infection on your PC and on the drives connected to the PC.
  • Cleanup : This feature is able to remove infections on your PC and on the drives connected to the PC.
  • Quarantine Manager : This feature helps to restore some files deleted by mistake or other.
  • Listing : This Feature Used to generate a detailed list of the contents of connected drives.
  • Report Manager : This Feature is responsible to retrieve older analyzes.
  • Vaccinate : This added new feature is responsible to protects your discs from reinfection.

Steps To remove Shortcut virus with the help of USBFix:

  • Download UsbFix from above link.
  • Connect your infected USB device to PC.
  • Run UsbFix by double clicking on it.
  • Click on deletion.

Note: After all the process done it will ask you to restart your PC.

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