Shortcut Virus Remover

Shortcut virus remover is the software which is helpful to remove the shortcut virus from your Removal or external USB Devices. The shortcut virus is the problem faced by many people, at initial stage it won’t affect that much but after some days going it may damage PC’s and loss of data.

The shortcut virus have different types like File Shortcut virus, Folder shortcut virus and Drive shortcut virus. With the help of Shortcut Virus remover we can able to clear all these types of shortcuts from our devices.

So many techniques and methods are there to help with the shortcut virus problem. From these methods using shortcut virus remover is one of the major technique.

Among all the techniques using Command Prompt (CMD) is the best way to clear shortcuts and getting our data back at the early stages. But if the problem is coming again and again then it is difficult to remember and type all the commands.


Shortcut Virus Remover:

Shortcut Virus Remover

The shortcut virus remover mainly overcomes the problems with the CMD, Here you don’t need to remember and type any commands.
Shortcut virus remover is very simple and easy to use, when you see any shortcuts in your removable devices just download the shortcut virus remover and double click on it. After running this process completely you will get your files back and shortcuts will be removed.

From this method you don’t require any commands or you don’t need any installation why because it is just a simple .bat file.

This tool is automatically removes shortcuts and it is the quickest method to remove shortcut virus from your removable devices.

You can get this shortcut remover for free and it can be used with any people. To use this tool you don’t be expertise on computer.

The user should have a knowledge that this shortcut virus remover can’t be run on Internal Hard disk of a PC, Why because this toll removes .lnk files (system files)  .

You have to directly run the shortcut virus remover in Pen drive, external Hard Disk and any kind of external devices but not in internal hard disk. To remove shortcuts in internal Hard disks use other alternate methods and techniques like Antivirus, CMD etc.

This tool is lite and it very small in size, it is based on DOS so it is compatible for all Versions of Windows like Windows XP, 7, and 8.

Shortcut virus removal tool is a very powerful tool for removing virus and .exe files from your pen drives, hard disks and any removable devices. With the help of this powerful tool you can delete your hidden files and broken shortcut folders from your pen drives.

There are some powerful  tools are available in the market for removing shortcut virus such as shortcut virus Removal tool, Shortcut Virus Fixer, Virus Doctor, A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner, After Death, Advanced UsbDoctor, iMyth Security Systems, Apex PDF Page Resizer are free version of shortcut virus removal tools.

The above all software tools are compatible with windows operating systems like windows7, windows 8.1 and windows 10. These tools are also supports the operating systems like Mac and Andriod.

The main aim of these tools is to give security for your operating systems and give security to your data that is available in the pen drives.

These tools are also providing the security to any Mp3 or Audio and video files. Whenever you came across with the shortcut virus in your pen drive then in that case shortcut virus remover tool gives security to your data.

This tool is very easy to operate and it provides accurate information regarding which files affected by shortcut virus. When you scan your USB device with this tool then it shows you the path of the shortcut virus along with the infected file details. And you can also check how to remove shortcut virus here.

 Shortcut virus remover Download:

Download shortcut virus remover from blow link and don’t forget it can’t be run on internal HDD. So download it directly to your removable device.

Shortcut Virus Remover Tool Screens:

Following are the Screens of Shortcut virus remover.

Shortcut Virus Remover

Shortcut Virus Remover Software Home Screen

Shortcut Virus Remover

Shortcut Virus Remove Tool Scan Options

Shortcut Virus Remover

Shortcut Virus Remove Software Scan done

Shortcut Virus Remover

Shortcut Virus Remover Tool Computer

Shortcut Virus Remover

Shortcut Virus Remover Software No viruses msg


Bat File:

While this is a batch file there is no chance of damage for this file. Other Antiviruses running in your computer can also get damaged with the virus and after damaging they are useless and it is difficult to remove shortcuts from your device.

This bat file Never get damaged from Viruses you can use this file any time anywhere for removable devices.

And You can Also Download the bat file which we discussed above from below link.